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February 27, 2011

last day*

For my last day in Kl..
as usual *darah* :)
Good Job girl..and please make him in love with you and not me..its enough..
well im happy to be with him in 2 days..but its a horror nightmare i've ever had..
Thanks for make me happy. *pineapple :(

February 18, 2011

I believe in KARMA

act'ly i've wrote something just now,but i think maybe it could make someone hurt..
so i decide to delete all and just saying that i am single now :(

as what people said 'if dah takda jodoh tak boleh nk buat apa'
instead of that if ada jodoh tak kemana..i trust both..
i would like to say THANK YOU for what you've done to me and to 'her' not a*li** but **** and *** for those infomati0n..maybe its difficult to you to give an answer..but i swear to god if i could turn back time,i promise that i wont do this mistake again..i have many people around me,who thinks I'm better than this..from what you thought about me..
For me,to forgive someone is not easy as what people thought..!

Well,i definitely have to say sorry to you.Even though everyone knows its not my fault..


February 17, 2011

University of Liverpool

i really hope that papa will send me there.!
far far away from everyone.that is what i wanted for almost 3 years..
he just got offer from Abu Dhabi..and maybe he will leave us..so i think why dont i continue my degree in Abu Dhabi..??? sounds great..atleast i can takecare of him..haihhh but if he not accept the offer so maybe my dream to studying in University of Livrerpool come true..pray for me..wink**

this is what i want..!!!



Sudah memang sudah
Perjalanan cinta berakhir sudah
Engkau pergi ‘tuk selamanya
‘tuk selamanya

Mungkin ini sudah suratan
Engkau dan diriku tak bisa bersama
Mungkin ini sudah suratan
Sudah suratan

Jangan kau pergi untuk meninggalkan aku
Aku disini dengan sejuta cinta untukmu
Jangan kau pergi untuk melupakan aku
Aku menangis karena hidup tanpamu

Sudah memang sudah
Perjalanan cinta berakhir sudah
Engkau pergi ‘tuk selamanya
‘tuk selamanya

thank you.. *the END*

A nightmare come true. *suddenly

Lately, lots of thing happens. Seriously. I can't barely breath and standing on my own now..

"I cried every night wondering what i did wrong. But i can't find it. I can't even think one. Bcause all i know is I am so nice to you and you took me for granted :("


what about me?

oh yeh she's broken..??
what about me.?
you think im heartless.?
you think that i've no feelings like her?
im a girl.!!
please atleast care about me if you dont love me anymore..!
i know she is the one that you really love and care..but me.?
for almost 3 years, now you trying to tell me that you know her better than me?
what it means.?
i dont understand all this fucking reason that you gave.!!


I'm getting skinny and boney. Everybody keep on telling me that. Its like what i used to wear is getting big for me. Damn!!!
I asked my mum to buy a vitamin specials for gain weight..Just wait and see then. Pray for me to be healthier in the future. Sooner is better! :(

i think this is because I MISS YOU :(

I will never love anyone better than him..No one could ever make me happier than what have he did.Thanks for that and everything else-the end..