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May 17, 2011

GOD :(

ya Allah..
ampunkan dosa besar aku..!!
kau sempurnakan lah hidup aku..
kau terangkan lah jalan hidup aku..
kau beri kekuatan dalam diriku..

to Mikhayl

its been 2 weeks you left me..

to be honest i really miss you..

since you're gone,i felt lonely..

no worries sayang..i'll pray for you..and please dont cry..

i will always remember you..

please do takecare k..

im really sorry for what i've done..i did this for my future..

And tell you what,you make me realised that Allah is always be with us..

i cant stop crying and think about you..


please tggu ***** kt sana k..

I want to be with you..

May 4, 2011

Thank you

i love you

Siti Salwa ,

Mubaraq ,

Aidil Syazwani ,

Nana Jafry



thanks for the advice and always be with me..