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June 29, 2011

i dont deserve to be happy

So i thought after ive settled things with him, I'll finally be able to break free. But no, girls like me just dont deserve to be happy. All my 19 years of life Ive been doing everything i can to make people happy. To satisfy everyone even if I'm not happy. But 2 days ago i made a decision for my own self. I did it to save myself and i thought i did. I guess I was wrong. Some people dont understand the importance of what i did. Some dont understand why is it so hard for me to move on. But please understand that i dont have a heart of a boy. Its not easy for me to move on. It takes time. It takes support. And for me, it takes forgiveness. I know i may have lost someone dear to me. But im sorry, its time for me to become selfish. I dont regret my actions. Im sorry if u feel like ive betrayed you but i hope in time, ull understand why i did it.
Things are better to keep alone sometimes. I'm just another ordinary girl who are still learning two important matters, life and love. I can't run from pain, pain comes to me. Happiness just come next.

BE STRONG Aida Syafinaz :(