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November 5, 2010


Why i couldn't forget the past? I'm wondering why. You're the only one I wish I could forget. I'm hoping, praying day by day that I can forget what happened during the past. Really do. Its not about me and you, its about the drama we've created before. And you don't even understand the real situation is?

You hurt me and you put tears on my face. Still, you keep on blaming me and hate me. I know. I know you told the others bad things about me. Go on, I'll pray the best for you because one day you'll get things back on you just like what you did to me. You've ruined my life. YES, you did. You make everything falls out of place. Gosh, Its like i didn't know you anymore.

All this time I'm waiting, hoping that you would come around. I've given you chances every time we're in a fight and all you do is let me down.

But not this time. I'll forgive you for the things you've done eventhough its killing me. I'm asking you to leave so that I'll have a normal life like before. No pain, no tears, just happiness. That's all I ask from you. Its not a big deal.
You can say that you're sorry but i won't believe you this time. Because every good time we had, will turn into a fight. So there's no more use in trying. You and I know it will still be the same.

So just keep the memories of you and me in your heart. I'll keep it too. All the sweet, fun, happiness memories we had is the greatest memories that ever happened in my life. You know I love you but I'm sorry, I won't risk my life for you anymore.

Have a good life. I know you'll take care of yourself :)
Do takecare 'her'..

kisses ;*

hek :'(

I dont know why im feeling down at the moment

That's it

It shows everything alaq..!!